vonwon-gsaI been sittin on this album for a minute. In all honesty,  I was bias against it. I originally bought it cause I support the movement and could appreciate what Von Won was doing. I try to buy everybody in Houston album. As a Christian rapper though, I was disappointed. In my mind, I was like, why would Von ask all the Christian artist to get behind and support this project, when he ain’t feature any of us on here? Instead, he featured lots of secular artist from here in Houston. I gave it a lil listen not really paying attention to it.

It wasn’t until my bro JT, was like, you heard this song with Von Won and Zro…it go hard. I was like, yeah I got it. JT saw Von’s vision…He was like, that’s throwed…a gospel rap album featuring the Htown legends.  Ultimately, I had to agree…it was a pretty throwed idea.

So, I added it to my playlist so I can jam while driving and gave it another listen. Not only was featuring these artist a throwed idea, but to get them out of their comfort zone of negativity and cursing and actually spit something positive and uplifting was amazing in itself.

It starts off with Unworthy. It is the intro to the album. Its a harmonic accapella intro followed by some hard bars about the purpose of the album. I choose is a song about being who you want to be in the Lord. He saying I choose to be a believer. I choose worship. I choose to come down on boys. Got A Feeling is a song about that expectation that God is about to do something big. He say he feel some kinda way, like God about to take control. Like A Bad Boy feat. Big Pokey and Lil Keke is about simply coming down. Its about pulling up on the scene with your people with you…like a bad boy

New Season feat Baby Bash & Propain is a song about rising to the occasion. Thanking My Maker feat. Paul Wall, Lil Flip & Bruck Takara is a song about being blessed. We all out here trying to get it…having the finer things in life. This song is thanking God for those blessings. Grace Still Abides feat. Scarface, the title cut, is a song about how the Grace of God is sufficient. We winning because God’s grace still abides. They Don’t Hear Me is a song I think we’ve all felt as we try to do right and witness to the lost. Sometimes it feels like they just don’t hear you.

Follow Your Lead feat. Brian Angel & Mike Jones is about understanding where your blessings come from. Its about knowing God is supplying everything so we follow his lead. I’m Still Here feat. Zro is about surviving the struggle. With so many issues and people dying around us, we still here.

Dig this verse from Grace Still Abides

I know his grace still abides
I’m mesmerized by all the victims and the lies
I stay encouraged by the pride when I look in my childrens eyes
Im a blessed man, filling the world up with hope to survive
lets rise, its time to take our people high
in fact lets renew our minds
Romans 12:2
Imma say a truth
don’t be tripping on the mess that the media tells you
its foolish, spend our lives on computers
we in a trial with buddhist, muslims and athiest but God’s love is the truest
God is sittin on his throne looking down at his people
but the church is in our bones not just under the steeple
ditch the evil
let us praise what is regal
no more living illegal
quit flippin chickens its time to fly with the eagles
we bout to win

At the end of the day, Grace Still Abides is a throwed project. It’s a homerun for H-town with plenty of SUC features like Zro, Big Pokey and Lil Keke and some Swishahouse features like Paul Wall and Mike Jones. Rapalot legends Bun B and Scarface blessed the album too. Most stepped out of their lane and spit something uplifting and positive. Von was able to showcase his lyricism with a combination of tongue twisting lyrics, melodic harmonies and slick punch lines. The beats were top notch and the concepts were on point.  Did I mention Von got bars too? He do. Grace Still Abides. You should check it out.