AI1 Music Group - Witness GreatnessSo, the other day I was at my brother Trinity detail spot, Destine 2 Shine Detailing, when K-Renee pulled up to get washed up. After talking a bit about the meeting we had at KCOH radio earlier that day, I asked for some new music. She was like, “I got you Poetic, check this”. She handed me a tightly shrinkwrapped compilation project called “Witness Greatness”, featuring Rev. Rob, Da Bishop, Double RJ and her. My car pulled up shined up and it was time for me to leave, so I tore the package open and popped it in. Let’s ride home to it.


At first, I was a lil disappointed because of the song count. It only has 11 tracks and you know me, I want a lot of music. Once I finished listening though, I understood why it had 11. This was a well put together project loaded with annointing. Each song had a message and a purpose. It was more than tight beats, concepts and jamming hooks. It had several messages, all pointing to Jesus. When I got to the end, it felt complete.


Can’t Lose was straight to the point. You can’t lose with Jesus Christ…plain and simple. I can do anything was an instant classic to me, mainly cause it is based on one of my favorite scriptures…Phillipians 4:13. Full Time Grinding might just be my favorite though. The song talks about Kingdom business and how its a full time grind. You can’t be part time hustling for the Kingdom. Its all or nothing. I can dig that. In my opinion, Ballin should’ve been a single though. It goes hard and K-Renee killed it.


To live is Christ and to die is gain
we beating up on this flesh, winning out and ballin mayne,
have you seen our bench
K-renee, RJ, Rev Rob, The Bishop
yeah she playing the background but Kizzee
make this official
training up our children
just to glorify the father
they go harder
so when you see us coming its breakaways and sweats
and I ain’t talking outfits
I’m talking your mindset
we got goals to make we trying to save some souls
if its on bless you lets get it game on
balls in my court so I gotta cross you
carried for the one who already bought you
so what if you lost too
this here is your how to
get your Bible to idle the mind that fought you
26 pair of Jordans but you only need 2
for your left and right shoe
now ball


I applaud Rev. Rob for guiding his son Double RJ down this path. Being an example is the best way to lead. I think one of the reasons I really like it was because it sounds like Houston…like home…knowamsayin. Get you a copy.